Selasa, 09 November 2010

Thanks Indonesian heroes

Thanks to your services, so mine is now Indonesia.

Thanks to your courage, Indonesia can you recover from the hands of colonizers. 

Because the blood that has been dripping, put into my body there was blood Indonesia. 
Drops of tears, flowing in the land of Indonesia. 
But why? Now everything is wasted, by a new generation. A lot of injustice here.  

Many people starve. A lot of unemployment. 
Many disputes between citizens, between villages, between ethnic groups. 
And a lot of Indonesian people who become terrorists in their own country so, they kill your own countrymen compatriots. 
We're sorry Indonesian heroes. We have wasted your struggle. 
Come on guys let's unite not hurt each other, let us love each other.

Happy days hero Indonesia November 10, 2010.

courtessy of google

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